The XI edition of Emerita Lvdica 2020 will be held from October 19 to 25.

The Emerita Lvdica 2020 celebration has become, in recent years, a benchmark in the city’s festive calendar, marking the start of the extensive program of summer activities in the city of Mérida.

A celebration that has become ingrained in the life of the city of Mérida thanks, fundamentally, to the enormous work carried out by the city’s recreational associations, which are the ones who give the impetus to a party that grows more every year.

For this reason, the announcement of the celebration date, from October 19 to 25, is the starting gun for a celebration that is in the preparatory phase and, fundamentally promotional, with the aim of attracting the largest number of visitors.

Visitors will witness during that week how the archaeological remains of the ancient city are displayed in an alternative way that is pedagogical and fun, full of everyday scenes from the Roman world, bringing them closer to their ways of life, using those original settings that make up the most complete and best preserved archaeological complex on the Iberian Peninsula, Augusta Emerita, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1993.

Gladiator fights, rites at the Temple of Diana, traditional crafts workshops of the time, such as sculpture, mosaic and painting, a free advice workshop on Roman costumes, scenes from the daily life of Avgusta Emerita with the legionaries entering the bridge Roman in the city, camping in the Castra de la Alcazaba, where they practice training are some of the activities that make up the wide offer of Emerita Lvdica.